The floor makes the home style more colorful

2023-10-31 14:23:00

1 . New Chinese style

Style Explanation: The new Chinese style is a modern improvement and refinement of the traditional Chinese style, inheriting the elegant and simple aesthetic genes, less solemn and cumbersome, and more modern and comfortable. Chinese-style furniture with simple lines is the key to distinguish between traditional and non-traditional. Elements such as tea tables, porcelain, calligraphy and paintings, and antique lamps often appear in Chinese-style spaces. The new Chinese style is not a simple pile of elements, but a combination of modern elements and traditional elements through the cognition of traditional culture to create a space full of traditional flavor with the aesthetic needs of modern people.

Suggestions on floor adaptation

The new Chinese style often uses clean white and natural wood color as the basic color. Chinese-style aesthetics emphasizes the golden mean of harmony and unity. Chinese-style furniture is furnished with dark wood, which establishes a calm tone for the space. It is suitable for smooth and flat floors with consistent tones. It is not advisable to choose a floor with excessive color difference, fine knots and cracks are allowed on the surface, the texture is relatively complete and delicate, and a floor with exaggerated surface features is not suitable for Chinese style.

2 . Neoclassical

Style Explanation: Neo-classical inherits the magnificence and elegance of European-style decoration, abandons overly complicated textures and decorations, and no longer blindly pursues the luxury and beauty of the surface. Retro furniture with light colors and simplified lines dissolves the strong color belt of classical European style Come the solemnity. Compared with the thick and luxurious palace atmosphere of European classical style, the neoclassical style has more modern flavor, gypsum board ceiling, retro furniture with simplified lines, flannelette high-back chairs, patterned wallpaper, European-style candlestick chandeliers, etc. are common elements.

Suggestions on floor adaptation

White, ivory white, gold, yellow, and dark red are common tones in neoclassical style spaces. It is recommended to match dark-colored floors such as reddish brown, dark brown, and coffee. It is recommended to retain the floor with old and antique craftsmanship on the surface. Parquet floors are also often found in neoclassical styles.

3. European simplicity

Style explanation: The simple style emphasizes the design concept of “less is more”, and is a popular space style at present. The simple European style is different from the thick and gorgeous colors of the classical European style. Instead, it often uses white or ivory white as the background color, and then mixes some elegant tones, striving to present an open and tolerant attitude. The simple European style is fresher and more in line with the restrained aesthetic concept of Chinese people.

Suggestions on floor adaptation

Decorated in a minimalist style, the overall tone is brisk and soft, with light tones matching log colors. In terms of floor matching, it is not advisable to match dark-colored and over-saturated floors. Wooden and gray floors are more conducive to creating a simple, refreshing, comfortable and natural feeling. Some knots, cracks, etc. are allowed on the floor surface Natural features, but wood features should not be overly exaggerated.

4. American pastoral

Style Explanation: American pastoral, also known as American country, combines the atmosphere of American style, practicality and leisure and comfort of natural style. Rough solid wood furniture, round interior lines, and iron lamps are typical decorative elements.

Suggestions on floor adaptation

The American countryside pursues a natural and rustic texture. The most widely used color in the space is the brown color close to the earth color, the green color that symbolizes the natural feelings, and the yellow color that symbolizes the joy of harvest are the commonly used colors. Considering the rough and spacious style of American furniture, it is recommended to match it with a brown floor. The floor surface retains the original texture, such as cracks and cross-saw patterns, and deliberately adds antique scars and moth-eaten traces to create a simple, original and rough style. charm.

5. Fashion mix and match

Style Explanation: Fashion mix and match is not limited to a certain type of decoration, it mainly comes from the owner’s own aesthetics and preferences, making full use of space and materials to create a personalized home environment. The essence of mash-up is to focus on casualness, to have the same theme among multiple elements, to focus on one style, and to increase the level of space by virtue of partial design.

Floor matching suggestions:

The mix and match decoration style tends to be youthful and personalized, and the floor color is not too limited. Fashionable gray floors, as well as high-contrast mixed-color floors, multi-spec spliced floors, multi-color mixed floors, and floors that emphasize color difference decoration are all suitable for a mix-and-match decoration style.

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