JBS Quality

To adapt to the style and quality of European and American markets as the standard, quickly based on the overseas market, exports ranked the forefront of the domestic.

JBS strictly controls every production process, and takes high standards and high quality as our production guidelines.

  • 01
    Raw material inspection

    Laminate flooring factory will strictly inspect the quality of raw materials, including wood, glue, wear-resistant paper and other raw materials, to ensure that the raw materials comply with national standards and customer requirements.

  • 02
    Production process inspection

    In the production process, laminate flooring factory will carry out quality inspection on each production link, including raw material preparation, hot pressing, cooling, opening, sealing and other links, to ensure that each link in the production process meets the standards and requirements.

  • 03
    Factory inspection

    Before the products leave the factory, the laminate flooring factory will carry out quality inspection on each piece of flooring, including appearance quality, specification size, flatness, gloss, etc., to ensure that each piece of flooring from the factory meets the requirements of the state and customers.

  • 04
    Third-party inspection

    In order to ensure the quality and safety of the products, laminate flooring factory will commission a third-party inspection organization to inspect the products, including mechanical properties, environmental performance, weathering performance, etc., to ensure that the quality and safety of the products meet the national and customer requirements.

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