Original Design

“Decoration” is the primary function of floor and wall panels. JBS has customers in more than 40 countries and regions around the world. The diversified and pluralistic home aesthetics have created JBS’s unique product design concept.

Although users have different aesthetic appeals, it is their common pursuit to create a sense of nature and fashion in the home environment, whether it is the texture of Wood Grain, Stone Grain, Cloth Grain, or the Retro style with a sense of nostalgia, or It is a trend-leading creative color matching, and we aim to satisfy different customer groups’ understanding of beauty.

  • Original design – naturalistic visual experience
    Wood Grain

    JBS has been exploring to present the most realistic wood grain effect and texture to users.

    Let “wood” bloom the natural and fresh taste of the forest in the home.

  • Original design – modern interpretation of Retroism
    Doing Old

    Whether it is natural weathering or imprints of life, Retro style has a realistic sense of existence, Mottled and not old time, the perfect dialogue between reality and the past.

  • Original design——Morphological composition of Functionalism
    Stone Grain

    JBS provides a variety of Stone Grain style floors, which have the same appearance, shape and performance as floor tiles.

    Just “delicate and mild” is beyond our experience.

  • Original design – Light luxury style of Fashionism
    Herringbone, Fishbone

    Tradition does not mean obsolete, find novelty in tradition.

    Creativity is drawn from change, interesting people do not accept the ordinary.

  • Original Design—Extraordinary Expression of Individualism
    Digital Printing

    In a bustling city, everyone hopes that their personality can shine.

    The emergence of digital printing flooring allows individuality and customization to bloom on the ground.

  • Original design – the elegant appearance of comfort
    Cloth Grain

    Life is full of aesthetics, Cloth Grain, ordinary colors, ingenious ideas and combinations,

    Turn it into a distinctive work of art, bringing a comfortable and pleased feeling to life.

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