Floor on the wall, the effect is beyond imagination

2023-10-31 14:24:53

It seems that the floor should be used on the ground for granted, but there are still many designers who ingeniously apply the wooden floor to the wall or even the roof. Stepping into it is like being in nature, and the atmosphere instantly rises.

TV backdrop

When we get used to the popular wall decorations such as latex paint and wallpaper, suddenly the wooden floor comes into view, and the natural texture instantly enhances the warm feeling of the whole space.

The natural color of the wood itself is restored, and this is applied to the TV background wall. Under the illumination of the down light above, the entire background wall gives people a warm visual effect.

If the indoor light is very good, you can use lighter wood as the TV background wall, but you must pay attention to the harmonious tone of the entire living room.

Living room background wall

Using wood to decorate the sofa background wall does not win by color, but uses the soft material and texture of wood to bring extraordinary visual comfort to people.

The color of the wooden sofa background wall is slightly lighter than that of the floor tiles in the living room. If you think it is monotonous, you can hang a large watercolor painting above the sofa, and the whole space will be alive at once!

The wooden floor and glass are spliced into a sofa background wall, and then matched with a beige fabric sofa, the modern minimalist style is immediately presented.

Restaurant background wall

The large white wall scraped only with latex paint is used as the background wall of the restaurant, which is a bit monotonous. Proper selection of wood for decoration may have a different effect!

The wooden floor with the same color on the wall and ground is easy to confuse the vision. Add some other elements on the wall, such as the above picture, the log color and black wood are designed together, which is full of modernity!

The size of the family is small, the restaurant area is not large, and you want to distinguish functions, you can set the dining table against the wall as shown in the picture above. The background wall next to it is made of strips of wood in different colors. Do you want to have such a distinctive restaurant background wall?


In addition to the walls, the roof can also be decorated with wooden floors. Not only the effect is high-end and atmospheric, but also the cost of the ceiling can be saved. If you don’t believe me, let’s look at the picture below:

Instead of decorating the entire roof with wood, only a whole piece of square wooden floor is added to the middle ceiling area, which echoes the left wall. This kind of Nordic style really makes people like it!

Just like the pure log style? The bedroom can also be turned into a log world, with uniform colors all around, and wide beams on the roof, which is very distinctive, and being in it is like entering a log forest.

Bedroom background wall

Still using wedding photos to design bedroom background walls? It is no longer popular, try wooden floor, you will get extraordinary surprise effect!

Large floor-to-ceiling windows, with plenty of light, directly shine on the background wall of the bedroom, calm and stylish, atmospheric and rustic~ Are you about to fall in love with the floor and wall?

Every bedroom has a different style, so color selection is very important. The interior is light-colored, and the background wall should not deviate too much. As shown in the picture above, the light gray wooden floor is very symmetrical with other walls. You can also try to match it!

Balcony wall

Most people’s first reaction when decorating balcony walls and floors is to use ceramic tiles. We can also use wood for decoration. For example, anti-corrosion wood, moisture-proof, anti-slip, anti-corrosion, insect-proof and other effects are higher than ordinary wood flooring, very natural and comfortable.

One wall of the balcony is stacked from bottom to top with wooden floors, and there are disc decorations of different colors on the left, even the balcony is full of artistic sense!

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