The color matching method to make the home more elegant

2023-10-31 14:20:42

Matching with the same color

Choosing furniture and flooring in the same color is the most infallible way of matching, which can fully reflect the unity of the space without looking fancy, but also has a simple beauty.

For floors and furniture of the same color, you can choose to match them with different levels of depth, or you can choose to match them with differences in texture patterns, so that the floors and furniture can be unified on the basis of the whole without losing the design atmosphere.

Close color matching

Compared with the color matching of furniture and flooring in similar colors, it is a bit more lively and harmonious, but attention should be paid to grasp the degree and avoid excessive exaggeration. The similar color system does not mean that the colors look alike. It refers to the color range within 60 degrees on the hue circle, so it will also produce a relatively large color contrast, so it will be more difficult to use than the same color system.

Contrasting color matching

The most difficult thing should be the matching of contrasting colors. Compared with the same color and similar colors, it is the most difficult and challenging. Color matching requires a certain degree of sensitivity, not only to achieve a strong contrast effect, but also to have a harmonious effect.

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