New product R&D

JBS is a cutting-edge manufacturing company dedicated to the exploration of new materials and technologies.Our commitment extends to in-depth research on high-tech and practical materials both domestically and internationally, facilitated by our independent R&D laboratory.Yearly investments fuel our passion for innovation, addressing industry challenges and paving the way for us to launch several groundbreaking products.

  • Black core – waterproof

    72 hours waterproof wooden floor easily resists daily water stains

  • IWF – water resistance

    Water absorption swelling is less than 5%

    Can be installed in kitchens and bathrooms

  • No formaldehyde-safer than apples

    Safer formaldehyde-free core than apples

    Uses bio NCO resin adhesive

  • High wear-resistant commercial flooring

    Homogeneous core structure flooring with a wear-resistant revolutions reaches more than 9000


Our laboratory

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