If you want to make a small apartment bigger, have you chosen the right floor color?

2023-10-31 13:48:27

The color of the floor is ever-changing, but it cannot escape these three categories: light colors, neutral colors, and dark colors. If the area is small and the light in the home is dark, it is right to choose a light-colored floor; if the area is large and the lighting is good, then the light-colored or dark-colored floor is basically your choice.

Light colors include: white, light gray, and light brown, which are definitely versatile products and the most error-prone choice for small apartments, and they are the conventional colors considered by most families. It can be small and fresh, it can also be simple, and sometimes it can play a little retro tone.

Neutral colors: natural color, neutral tan. Among them, natural color is a very popular color system at present, which can be matched with almost any type of decoration style. The whole is very elegant and simple, suitable for both small and large apartments.

Dark colors: dark gray, dark brown, reddish brown, black and so on. Generally, dark wood flooring needs to be laid in a large apartment to show its grandeur and extraordinary, so ordinary small and medium-sized apartments should not try it lightly. And the very dark wooden floor has higher requirements for matching soft decoration due to the color problem. However, compared with the traditional color system, the wooden floor of this kind of color is more suitable for creating a textured space.

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