Five paving methods to enhance the appearance of your home

2023-10-31 14:28:52

With the continuous improvement of people’s living environment requirements, home furnishing has gradually become personalized and high-quality. As the floor is an indispensable part of home decoration, people are more and more inclined to use ingenious paving methods to provide Create an atmosphere like no other in your own home.

I-shaped spelling

The effect of I-shaped paving is relatively simple, but the effect is clean and tidy, and the construction difficulty is low.

Backgammon spelling

As the name implies, it is a higher-level paving method, just like stairs. This paving method is somewhat similar to the I-shaped shop. The difference is that the I-shaped shop starts from the center of the floor, while the starting point of backgammon is more random.

Fishbone splicing

Fishbone splicing refers to a laying method that looks like fish bones when put together. When splicing, it is necessary to cut the two sides of the floor at 60°, so that the middle seams are aligned and the overall look is more tidy.

Since this splicing method needs to cut 60° off a complete piece of material, the material loss is also greater than other flooring methods. But the effect produced in this way is both retro and elegant, which cannot be achieved by other laying methods. Moreover, this paving method cannot be paved with any template or material, and has higher requirements for workers’ skills. So it is naturally more expensive than the general splicing method.

Herringbone spelling

Unlike the diamond-shaped fishbone, the herringbone paving method remains rectangular. There is no need for secondary processing, and it is simpler than fish bones in terms of craftsmanship. If you think fish bones are too complicated, you may wish to use the same high-end, atmospheric, and high-grade herringbone.

European traditional decoration loves this elegant and retro collage style, but this style is also very suitable for modern homes. In recent years, herringbone has become more and more popular in home decoration, and is deeply loved by Chinese people.

No matter what size herringbone mosaic, can show their own beauty. Bold ideas let the floor play with personality.

Matt spelling

Just like the name shows, the wooden boards are assembled into a square, and finally the effect of Tianzi is presented. This kind of mosaic has a strong adaptability to space. Whether it is a fresh pastoral style or an industrial retro style, it can present different shades of decorative effects to meet the aesthetic taste of modern people.

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