Surface technology

2023-10-31 12:01:57

EIR real wood grain

The common process for the production of laminate flooring. When laminating the floor decor paper and the base material, use a steel plate with the same texture as the decor paper, so that the wood grain on the floor surface has a real and natural real wood feeling.

EIR hand-scrappattern

Originated from manual flooring technology, it creates a concave-convex effect on the surface of laminate flooring to increase the three-dimensional effect of the floor.

Crystal diamond skin surface

The surface of the floor made by this process is flat, smooth and delicate, with a delicate atmosphere.

Saw mark effect

The small saw cut stripes on the floor surface emphasize the natural cut mark changes of logs with different gloss levels.

Brushing effect

Originated from the hand-drawing process of solid wood flooring, it forms a distinct texture effect and layering on the floor surface.


The process of removing the soft wood fibers and retaining the hard wood fibers through machine processing. The brushed wooden floor can better express the texture and layering of the wood.

Hand-scraped antique

A special handcraft, the treated floor surface presents a natural concave-convex three-dimensional sense.


The wood floor is treated with ammonia, and its surface is discolored. The resulting color is richer, natural, and delicate from the inside out, and the wood grain details and texture are more prominent.

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