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“Decoration” is the primary function of floors and wall panels. JBS has customers in more than 40 countries and regions around the world. The diverse and diversified home aesthetics have created JBS’s unique product design concept. Although users have different aesthetic appeals, their common pursuit is to create a natural and fashionable atmosphere in their home environment, whether it is the texture of wood grain, stone grain, cloth grain, or the nostalgic old style, or It is a creative color combination that leads the trend. We aim to meet the understanding of beauty by different customer groups.


The wood grain texture originating from nature has been popular in home design around the world from ancient times to the present, from the East to the West, and is deeply loved by people. Flooring products derived from natural wood, no matter how the structure changes, the surface color design that expresses the natural feeling of wood grain is a timeless theme of floor design. JBS has been exploring to present the most authentic wood grain effect and texture to users, using the simplest and simplest form to show the deep and long heritage, so that “wood” can bloom in the home with the natural and fresh flavor of the forest.


The earliest pioneers in North America lived in harmony with nature. They used local logs from the forest to pave the ground, and their long-term use left traces of life and time on the ground.

JBS adheres to the principle of realism design and creates a realistic antique effect. Behind its appearance is a perfect interpretation of the vicissitudes of time and its natural reaction.


What if your client likes the surface of the tiles but doesn’t like the cold, hard feel of the tiles? What if your client wants a floor tile that is more durable and safe to handle high foot traffic in public spaces? JBS provides a variety of stone-grained floors. They have the luster and appearance of marble, and have a square shape. They can visually achieve the effect of “fake and real”, but when you touch it with your hands, the delicate and gentle texture will impress you. The “marble” in “marble” is very different. This is the JBS stone pattern floor with surreal magic.


Who says the floor has to be square? Who says floors can’t be colorful? Who says floors can’t be trendy and fashionable? What constrains our creativity are those commonplace expressions or the limitations of our aesthetic cognition. Break the boundaries, don’t let tradition constrain creativity, let fashion and creativity bloom on the floor, and cross boundaries to make the floor unbounded.


Cities are crowded with people, busy with traffic, fast-paced lifestyles everywhere, and places with many people are always full of countless desires. In the bustling city, everyone hopes that their personality can shine. The emergence of digitally printed floors meets the personalized home needs of modern urbanites.

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