Competing with European and American brands, appearing at the ACE India exhibition for three consecutive years

2018-12-16 15:09:17

From December 13th to 16th, 2018, ACE India International Building Materials and Interior Decoration Exhibition was grandly held at the New Delhi Exhibition Center in the capital of India. JBS brought its star products to booth D-5-8C and participated in this event for three consecutive years.

It is reported that this ACE exhibition brings together thousands of construction and building materials exhibitors from around the world for product display, technical exchanges, and business cooperation. Well-known European and American flooring brands such as krono, Berryalloc, and Haro are all present.

JBS is one of the few Chinese flooring exhibitors. With its excellent products, meticulous booth design and professional consulting services, it stands out from many exhibitors and attracts a large number of merchants to come for consultation and negotiation.

Since the establishment of the brand in 2002, JBS has adhered to the international development route, and its sales in the Indian market have increased year by year. In 2016, the sales volume was 600,000 square meters, in 2017, the sales volume was 1 million square meters, and in 2018, the sales volume is expected to exceed 1.5 million square meters,which is currently the best-selling Chinese flooring brand in India, far ahead of its domestic counterparts.

Relying on the mature experience gained in the Indian market, at this ACE exhibition, JBS further deepened its product strategy and brought new laminate flooring products and Canada’s Fuzion flooring’s wide-specification three-layer solid wood composite flooring products, demonstrating its strong Product strength and brand strength.

The new laminate flooring brought by JBS uses bio-wax coating technology to perform double-layer sealing on the floor grooves, which ensures stable performance even in humid and rainy climate conditions such as India. Fuzion flooring three-layer solid wood composite flooring is a new achievement of JBS’s horizontal integration strategy, targeting the high-end flooring market in India and seeking a three-dimensional channel layout.

The annual ACE India exhibition is not only a platform for JBS to display its strength and image, but also an opportunity to deepen exchanges with the international market. During the exhibition, the JBS export sales team actively communicated with new and old customers, deepened exchanges, enhanced mutual trust and support between the two parties, gained insight into market trends and future trends, and provided a basis for the company’s next product innovation and strategic adjustment, and helped the company in India. The continued development of the market and the process of internationalization add further impetus.

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