What is MSPC Flooring
New Technology

MSPC refers to super anti-scratch and waterproof SPC Core flooring with melamine surfaces. The unique structure makes it an ideal choice in various of environment and application scenarios, such as kitchens, bathrooms and laundry rooms. Special surface treatments, like a glossy embossing bring to life the true–to–nature ceramic and marble–like textures and surfaces.

Structure: Melamine Faced SPC Flooring (Décor Paper + SPC Core)


A variety sizes from standard to extra larg

300x300mm 400x400mm 600x600mm  300x600mm 400x800mm 600x1200mm


Advantage Spend little to get luxury!

The enduring appeal of marble and stone has been  inspiring designers for centuries. However, it usually  comes together with high-expense and complicate  installation. Now, this is not the case anymore. Suntec’s  stunning MSPC range translates these natural looks  into Ǽooring whose practicality isascompelling as its  prices. Spend a little to get palatial space now!


Businesses utilizing of MSPC requires higher traPc  on the Ǽoor than average household applications.  To meet these requirements, Suntec Ultraguard  adopts ultimate strong surfaces with the abrasion  rating of AC4.

Burning-cigarette dropping protective

Although it is not suggested to smoke in inner  space, a burning-cigarette dropping protective  ground solution provides your house property  with safety from fire risks,

Easy installation & Warm Touch

Not cracking on uneven subǼoors and having no  messy grout to maintain leave houseowners  convenience and simplicity. Feeling warmer and softer  underfoot is great for bare feet, crawling kids and pets.

Ultra-scratch resistant

The unique construction of enhanced urethane  coating helps MSPC resist scratches and wear. A  new house owner or a pet-lover? MSPC is not  afraid of the heave weight of furniture and  appliances, the abuse of pets andyour kids’ cleats.  An easy clean-up, a bran-new luxury.


With TAPFIT locking system, installation can  be effortless, Just a tap on the end with no  mess and no hassle.

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