JBS, established in 2002 and being as the leading innovative manufacturer in flooring industry, owns 60,000m2 of manufacturing plants and in capable of produce 14 million sqm of flooring and 6 million sqm of wall board in every year.

After decades of distribution in global market, JIAHE Wood has set up distribution channels in more than 40 countries and regions.

We have a proven record of delivering outstanding and award-winning projects across a range of sectors. All our products are researched and designed locally. Providing innovative and aesthetically pleasing adaptive space systems designed.

Committed to pioneering new product innovations, Our team of designers and engineers Striving to offer design and performance excellence, We have invested in our product development and innovation, with a commitment to refining, improving and modernising our decor products.

We are also committed to environmental practices and believe that sustainability is a long-term investment in our planet. Reducing our resource and energy consumption and improving our water and waste management processes is of utmost importance to the JBS team.

Now, JBS is growing from the strong flooring territory to more home related fields to enrich and ease consumers’ home decoration with higher quality and health requirement.

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