What is ESPC Flooring
New Technology

Comparing with normal SPC flooring, ESPC which has natural register embossing surface makes textures are more clearer, and give you better feeling of solid wood when you touch it. Enhance the natural look of the designs , which goes with all interiors superby.

As an advocator of floonng industry,Jibisi design inspirations span the globe and the  color spectrum to bring you floors with dramatic diversity and universal beauty. The sparks of the inspirations become exclusive offerings with elaborate designs for you.


Spend little to get luxury!

The enduring appeal of marble and stone has been  inspiring designers for centuries. However, it usually  comes together with high-expense and complicate  installation. Now, this is not the case anymore. Suntec’s  stunning MSPC range translates these natural looks  into Ǽooring whose practicality isascompelling as its  prices. Spend a little to get palatial space now!


Businesses utilizing of MSPC requires higher traPc  on the Ǽoor than average household applications.  To meet these requirements, Suntec Ultraguard  adopts ultimate strong surfaces with the abrasion  rating of AC4.

Burning-cigarette dropping protective

Although it is not suggested to smoke in inner  space, a burning-cigarette dropping protective  ground solution provides your house property  with safety from fire risks,

Easy installation & Warm Touch

Not cracking on uneven subǼoors and having no  messy grout to maintain leave houseowners  convenience and simplicity. Feeling warmer and softer  underfoot is great for bare feet, crawling kids and pets.

Ultra-scratch resistant

The unique construction of enhanced urethane  coating helps MSPC resist scratches and wear. A  new house owner or a pet-lover? MSPC is not  afraid of the heave weight of furniture and  appliances, the abuse of pets andyour kids’ cleats.  An easy clean-up, a bran-new luxury.


With TAPFIT locking system, installation can  be effortless, Just a tap on the end with no  mess and no hassle.


Overall Thickness ISO 24346 Nominal Value:+0.13/-0.1mm;AVG:±0.15mm AVG:±0.15mm
Thickness of wear layer ISO 24340 Nominal Value:+13%/-10%;Max:≤±0.1mm Nominal Value:±0.02mm
Mass per unit area ISO23997 Nominal Value:+13%/-10% 6.5~11.5kg/㎡(Without Backing)
Dimensional stability ISO23999 ≤0.25% HOTTING PIESS:≤0.10%;
curling after exposure to heat ISO23999 ≤2mm CONTINUE LINE:≤0.07%
Residual indentation ISO24343-1 ≤0.1mm ≤0.80mm
Euect of castor chair ISO 4918 After 25000 cycles,no delamination shall occur 0.04mm
Colour fastness to artifical light ISO 105-B02, Method 3 6 minimun No visible damage
Stripping resistance ISO 24345 ≥50N/5CM ≥6
Side length ISO24342 Nominal Value≤0.15%,max≤0.5mm ≥80N/5CM
Width Nominal Value≤0.10%,max≤0.5mm ≤0.2mm
Squareness/straightness side length>400mm:≤0.35mm ≤0.15mm
Flatness ISO10582,Annex B Length flatness:concave≤0.5%,convex≤1.0% ≤0.15mm
Width flatness:concave≤0.1%,convex≤0.15% concave≤0.30%,convex≤0.20%
Determination of flexibility ISO24344,Method A 20mm or 50mm mandrel,no cracking concave≤0.04%,convex≤0.06%
Openings ISO10582,Annex C Ave:≤0.15mm,individual values:≤0.20mm Pass
Height difference Ave:≤0.10mm,individual values:≤0.15mm Ave:0.00mm,Max:0.05mm
Wear group EN 660-2 T:≤2mm³ Ave:0.00mm,Max:0.10mm
Antistatic propensity-walking EN1815 ≤2.0kv T
Reaction to fire EN 13501-1 B fl-s 1 1.0KV
slip resistance DIN51130 Min:R9,Max:R13 B fl-s 1
Resistance to chemicals ASTM F925-13 No more than a slight change in surface dulling,surface attack or staining R10
Formaldehyde emission EN717-1 E1 Rating 0:No change
Phthalate EN14372 ≤0.1% E1
PAHs AfPS GS 2014:01 PAK ND ND
Content of pentachlorophenol (PCP) laminate as per CEN/TR 14823, textile as per CEN/TS 14494 ND ND
TVOC french VOC regulation A+ ND
SVHC released EU REACH Regulation No.1907/2006 Article 33 ND A+
Heavy metal EN71-3 ND ND
STC(sound transmission classification) ASTM E90&ASTME413 / ND
IIC(Impact Insulation Class) ASTM E492&ASTM E989 / ≥68
Classification ISO10582 Transparently Class33   Class 42
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