What is Aqua Flooring
New Technology

AQUA Floor
100% wood fiber
100% environmentally friendly
100% waterproof

As years of research and development have been done, we are proud to tell that we innovated a brand-new product that represents a new generation of flooring. With a goal of providing a healthy, comfortable, and modern life, we work hard to combine the advantage of laminate and SPC flooring. AQUA floor goes beyond the current flooring that it preserves the natural appearance of the wood floor, and improves the ability of water resistance.

  • Organic Core board

AQUA floor has succeeded in  innovatory improvement that  completely stops using  plasticizers and PVC through  the process of producing. The  100% organic floor makes  degradation and recycling of  the floor possible.


  • 100% Wood Fiber
  • High thermal insulation power
  • Excellent noise absorption
  • Prevent rapid combustion to  slow the spread of fire
  • Regulate air humidity to  guarantee a healthy and
  • pleasant indoor climate
  • Comfortable to walk on
  • Sustainability

Easy Cleaning

  • AQUA floor guarantees 100% resistance to water which allows wet mopping and steam mopping if the sealer isn’t damage.
  • The new technology effectively prevents any droplet such as water strain, wine, paint, etc. from permeating into the floor, greatly increasing the durability of the floor.

Micro-scratch Protection

  • AQUA floor is composed of a very durable surface protecting the floor against micro-scratches, such as pet paw scratch, skateboard scratch, and desk & chair drag marks.

Pet friendly

  • The characteristic of 100% waterproof resists pet strains, including urine, feces, and vomit, making your house a pleasant home for your pets.


Resistant to water for longer hours

  • 300h surface water protection is guaranteed after installation is finished. AQUA floor help relieve the anxiety of incidentally knocking over the water.
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