SPC is a particularly new product in the flooring industry. It not only gathers most of the current flooring material, but also provides better performance of being water-proof, rigid, dimensionally stable, and relatively environmentally friendly.Thus it can be safely used in areas with sustained exposure to moisture, such as bathroom, laundry room and kitchen. With good rigidity, SPC provides a quieter, warmer vinyl flooring with a cushioned backing attached, thus eliminating the imperfections from the subfloor which is normally transferred through LVT. SPC is available with locking system.
With its own superior performance,  water-proof, rigid, dimensionally stable, and relatively environmentally friendly.SPC flooring has become a new favorite of the floor industry in recent years, and it has become a key product promoted by many floor manufacturers.
it can be safely used in areas with sustained exposure to moisture, such as bathroom, laundry room and kitchen. Trace to its source,it’s an update and iteration, upgrading and optimization of PVC flooring.
After research by the JBS R&D team, we launched an upgraded version of the SPC flooring, which is called ESPC flooring (ABA Structure SPC flooring).

Engineered Solid Plastic Composite(ESPC) combines advantages of both SPC and LVT, it remains the excellent dimensional stability, being water-proof,rigid of SPC ,but also provides softness of LVT.With IXPE cushioned backing. ESPC provides a quieter, warmer vinyl flooring.

Melamine vinyl luxury plank flooring has the alluring appeal of rich hardwood that will resist scratches and wear. Available in modern finishes to give your home the elegant look of hardwood floors with durability to hold up to an active household.

SPC luxury vinyl plank flooring has the sophisticated look, colors, and patterns found in natural wood flooring that holds up well to wear and tear. An excellent choice for high traffic areas, SPC flooring is affordable and installs quickly.


AQUA Floor
100% wood fiber
100% environmentally friendly
100% waterproof

As years of research and development have been done, we are proud to tell that we innovated a brand-new product that represents a new generation of flooring. With a goal of providing a healthy, comfortable, and modern life, we work hard to combine the advantage of laminate and SPC flooring. AQUA floor goes beyond the current flooring that it preserves the natural appearance of the wood floor, and improves the ability of water resistance.

  • Organic Core board

AQUA floor has succeeded in  innovatory improvement that  completely stops using  plasticizers and PVC through  the process of producing. The  100% organic floor makes  degradation and recycling of  the floor possible.



  • 100% Wood Fiber
  • High thermal insulation power
  • Excellent noise absorption
  • Prevent rapid combustion to  slow the spread of fire
  • Regulate air humidity to  guarantee a healthy and
  • pleasant indoor climate
  • Comfortable to walk on
  • Sustainability
  • Resistant to water for  longer  hours
  • 300h surface water protection is guaranteed after installation is finished. AQUA floor help relieve the anxiety of incidentally knocking over the water.
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